Monte Suso.Elena La Spina Mount Suso

🔊 Listen Near the Natural Reserve of Torre Salsa we can find the ancient city of Angiò, founded in 1574. Built on Mount Suso to protect people from pirates, Angiò dominates the present town of Montallegro. The site presents interesting archae…


🔊 Listen The beautiful bay of Bovo Marina, with its crystal clear waters, is characterised by a long beach of very fine sand that merges with the Eraclea beach under the rocky cliff of Capo Bianco. Next to the beach, grows a wonderful pine gr…

Demanio Monte Cavallo-foto Esplora siciclia-2 FOREST AND GROTTOS OF MONTE CAVALLO

🔊 Listen The forest, planted in the ’60s, has significantly extended in the last decades, until covering the current surface of approximately 800 hectares, and has three entrances: from the crushing plant; from the “li panni” bridge; and from…

Siculiana marina-Elena La Spina SICULIANA MARINA

🔊 Listen The village of Siculiana Marina is located a few kilometers from Siculiana, wide sandy beach, crystalline water with a shallow sea bottom, calm place throughout the year and lively in the summer months. Siculiana Marina is the ideal…

Spiaggia Eraclea Minoa- Elena La Spina THE ERACLEA MINOA BEACH

🔊 Listen The Eraclea Minoa beach is one of the most beautiful places of southern Sicily. Located between the Platani River and the promontory of Capo Bianco, the beach runs for about 6 kilometres in a scenario of rare beauty. The beach main c…

Cattolica Eraclea
Belvedere San Vincenzo- Elena La Spina-7 BELVEDERE SAN VINCENZO

🔊 Listen For those who, through the riveting alleys of the town and the historic churches, want to enjoy a nice overview on the typical landscapes of the Sicilian inland, we suggest a walk to the “Belvedere San Vincenzo”, in the highest part…

Monte S.Paolino.Elena La Spina-3 MONTE S. PAOLINO

🔊 Listen Monte San Paolino rises about 825 metres above sea level; the mountain has a circumference of about 1.5 Km and a surface of 11 hectares; the staircase that leads to the top is made of 183 steps divided into 4 ramps; the gap between t…

Grotta bizantina di San Marco- Elena La Spina THE BYZANTINE GROTTO OF S. MARCO

🔊 Listen About a kilometre from Sutera, there is a niche dug in the rock of the Rocca di San Marco. Its walls are painted with polychrome frescoes in a Byzantine style. Divided into three panels, the painting portrays Jesus between the Virgin…

Gabara- Ivano Mistretta-8 GABBARA

🔊 Listen Since 1992, Gabbara has been a protected area identified by Italia Nostra and the WWF, characterised by downy oaks and oaks. It includes an abandoned mining complex open to visits. In August, the area hosts an important musical event…

San Cataldo
Scala dei Turchi- Ivano Mistretta SCALA DEI TURCHI

🔊 Listen Among all Realmonte’s attractions, the one that in the last years has aroused the greater landscaping interest, attracting tourists from all over the world, is surely the Scala dei Turchi, a rock wall (falesia) formed by a cliff of w…

Monte Saraceno- Elena La Spina-10 MONTE SARACENO

🔊 Listen The symbol of the city of Ravanusa, so much to become an actual slogan (“Ravanusa, città del Monte Saraceno”), this hill that rises close to town, is a place full of history, where nature and archaeology mix in an itinerary full of c…

Giardino Kolymbethra- Veduta Dioscuri GARDEN OF THE KOLYMBETRA

🔊 Listen In the heart of the Valley of the Temples, between the temple of Castor and Pollux, we meet a large green area known as “the Garden of the Kolymbetra”. Returned to its ancient splendour after years of neglect, this 5-hectare garden w…

Rupe Atena.Elena La Spina-4 RUPE ATENEA

🔊 Listen The Rock of Athena, or Minerva, is that echelon mountain that rises not far from the town, towards east. Tradition tell us that on this isolated cliff, 351 meters high, arose the temple of Minerva; certain is instead that on his brow…

Spiaggia del Caos-Elena La Spina-3 THE BEACH OF CHAOS

🔊 Listen One of the most important and busiest beaches of Porto Empedocle is the Chaos (Caos) beach. It is a beautiful beach where you can get your suntan on fine golden sand and swim in truly unique crystal clear waters.    

Porto Empedocle
Monte Ottavio- Elena La Spina MONTE OTTAVIO

🔊 Listen A pleasant place and home to the Montedoro Observatory, the hill (up to 533 metres) is a destination for hikers and fans of archaeology. Indeed, the area has various Mycenaean Tholos” and oven tombs that date back to the Sican period…

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