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Oasi LIPU -laghetto Gorgo-- Elena La Spina-4 THE LIPU OASIS– LAGHETTO GORGO

🔊 Listen The Montallegro LIPU Oasis, known to the local as Laghetto Gorgo, has been one of the first natural reserves of Sicily open to the public. The Oasis extends on a surface of 500,000 m2 and is managed, since 1986, by the LIPU associati…

Rupe di Marianopoli- Elena La Spina-2 Cultural – The Cliff of Marianopoli

🔊 Listen A Site of Community Importance (SCI), it covers a surface of approximately 841 hectares, between four towns and two provinces. This area has a limestone ridge (Monte Incauso and various portelle ), a mountainous section (Monti Mimian…

Maccalube di Bissana- Piero Frisco-10 THE MACCALUBE OF BISSANA

🔊 Listen Driving for about 6 km along the provincial road that, from Cattolica Eraclea leads to Cianciana, we reach, after a crossroad, Contrada  Bissana, where we can enjoy the original show of the Maccalube. The name Maccalube probably deri…

Foce del Platani- Piero Frisco THE PLATANI RIVER VALLEY

🔊 Listen The Cianciana territory offers hospitality to the Platani River, known in the past as Halykos because of its salty waters. The river represents the southern border of the city territory. In remote times, the ancient populations used…

Demanio Monte Cavallo-foto Esplora siciclia-2 FOREST AND GROTTOS OF MONTE CAVALLO

🔊 Listen The forest, planted in the ’60s, has significantly extended in the last decades, until covering the current surface of approximately 800 hectares, and has three entrances: from the crushing plant; from the “li panni” bridge; and from…

Riserva naturale orientata Foce del fiume Platani- Ivano Mistretta ORIENTED NATURAL RESERVE “FOCE DEL FIUME PLATANI”

🔊 Listen The Oriented Natural Reserve “Foce del fiume Platani” is a protected natural area of Sicily, established to protect this amazing part of its coast. The reserve covers about 206 hectares and intersects the mouth of the Platani River,…

Cattolica Eraclea
Oasi fluviale valle del Morello.Elena La Spina THE VALLE DEL MORELLO OASIS

🔊 Listen The Morello River Valley is an area of great natural interest, with several mines, rural settlements and archaeological sites. The oasis’s main attraction is the Morello River that, with its thousand-year old activity of erosion, rev…

Riserva naturale del Lago Soprano.Elena La Spina LAGO SOPRANO

🔊 Listen The Lago Soprano natural reserve is a protected natural area established in 2000, by a decree of the regional council for the territory and the environment. The Soprano lake, also known as “Cuba”, is a surface cavity typical of the k…


🔊 Listen This suggestive itinerary on the road to Gabbara, runs along a ridge that was used to carry sulphur on the back of mules. Besides the extraordinary presence of wild orchids, the remains of ruins related to the mining activity make it…

San Cataldo
Riserva Naurale integrale Monte Conca- Ivano Mistretta-3 INTEGRAL NATURAL RESERVE MONTE CONCA

🔊 Listen Next to the Agrigento province, in the western karstic area of Caltanissetta’s territory, we find Monte Conca, a limestone mountain characterised by the presences of grottoes and caves. The Monte Conca Integral Natural Reserve was es…

Gabara- Ivano Mistretta-8 GABBARA

🔊 Listen Since 1992, Gabbara has been a protected area identified by Italia Nostra and the WWF, characterised by downy oaks and oaks. It includes an abandoned mining complex open to visits. In August, the area hosts an important musical event…

San Cataldo

🔊 Listen In October 1999, Sicily’s regional government founded the Natural Oriented Reserve “Monte Capodarso e Valle dell’Imera meridionale” to protect and valorise a rare and very precious set of historical-geographic, archaeological and geo…

Marina di Butera.Elena La Spina-3 MARINA DI BUTERA

🔊 Listen To reach the coast from the town of Butera, we must take State Highway 119 and, after driving along the short panoramic section that separates it from the crossing with SH 115, turn towards Licata, until we meet, after passing over t…

l'ucchiu de macalubi-Legambiente, Aragona (AG) INTEGRAL NATURAL RESERVE MACALUBE DI ARAGONA

🔊 Listen The Macalube Reserve is a regional natural reserve of Sicily managed by Legambiente. The most interesting area is the hill of the Vulcanelli, a clayey area that features many small mud volcanoes that create rare eruption phenomena. I…

Giardino Kolymbethra- Veduta Dioscuri GARDEN OF THE KOLYMBETRA

🔊 Listen In the heart of the Valley of the Temples, between the temple of Castor and Pollux, we meet a large green area known as “the Garden of the Kolymbetra”. Returned to its ancient splendour after years of neglect, this 5-hectare garden w…

Monte Ottavio- Elena La Spina MONTE OTTAVIO

🔊 Listen A pleasant place and home to the Montedoro Observatory, the hill (up to 533 metres) is a destination for hikers and fans of archaeology. Indeed, the area has various Mycenaean Tholos” and oven tombs that date back to the Sican period…

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