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Rupe Atena.Elena La Spina-4 Gabbara – Rupe di Marianopoli – Oriented Natural Reserve “Monte Capodarso e Valle dell’Imera meridionale”

The itinerary connects between them the beautiful track in the woods of Gabbara in San Cataldo, already recommended to industrial archaeology lovers, from Calvario (Contrada Giganna and Provincial Highway 149 to the gate of the protected area), throu…

Maccalube di Bissana- Piero Frisco-10 Maccalube of Aragona – Monte San Paolino Sutera

This itinerary is based on a landscaping suggestion. The two ends of the trip are places very different between them; for this reason, they are somehow representative of the innate diversity of the Mining District. We start from the famous Maccalube…

Scala dei Turchi- Elena La Spina-3 Scala dei Turchi – Oriented Natural Reserve of Torre Salsa – Eraclea Minoa – LIPU Oasis – “laghetto Gorgo”

This is an itinerary that offers a nice excursion along the southern coast, with four unmissable stops of the coastal landscape scattered along State Highway 115. We start from Scala dei Turchi (in Realmonte), to proceed with the Oriented Natural Res…

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