Spiaggia del Caos-Elena La Spina Porto Empedocle

An immersion among the most beautiful pictures of Porto Empedocle

Porto Empedocle

🔊 Listen The squid’s interior is thoroughly cleaned and stuffed with a mouth-watering mix made with the tentacles, removed, chopped and sautéed, bread and other ingredients.    

Porto Empedocle
Spaghetti al nero di seppia- Elena la Spina SPAGHETTI IN A BLACK INK SAUCE

🔊 Listen A typical dish of the local culinary tradition, based on fish, is represented by the spaghetti in a black ink sauce (spaghetti al nero di seppia); this sauce is a poor and simple ingredient used by fishermen in the past.  …

Porto Empedocle
la Spiaggetta e Punta Piccola-Elena La Spina THE ITINERARY “VIGATA DI ANDREA CAMILLERI”

🔊 Listen Perhaps not everyone knows that Vigàta is an imaginary town, created by the writer Andrea Camilleri as the set for the adventures of Commissario Montalbano and others of his novels. Actually, Vigàta represents Porto Empedocle, the ho…

Porto Empedocle
Spiaggia del Caos-Elena La Spina-3 THE BEACH OF CHAOS

🔊 Listen One of the most important and busiest beaches of Porto Empedocle is the Chaos (Caos) beach. It is a beautiful beach where you can get your suntan on fine golden sand and swim in truly unique crystal clear waters.    

Porto Empedocle

🔊 Listen From July till September, a very rich programme offers various cultural and musical events, with various cultural meetings and Literary Cafés. The baglio  of Charles V’s Tower hosts various art exhibitions free of charge. There are m…

Porto Empedocle
Teatro Empedocle- Porto Empedocle THE EMPEDOCLE THEATRE

🔊 Listen Currently, the Theatre is getting refurbished, but it will shortly reopen to the public, to return to the city one of the most beautiful theatres of the whole province.          

Porto Empedocle
Chiesa Madre-Elena La Spina-4 THE CHIESA MADRE

🔊 Listen The Mother Church is the most beautiful and biggest one-nave church of the Agrigento diocese. The high altar boasts polychrome marbles, with the tabernacle in the middle, guarded by two praying angels. Still inside, we find precious…

Porto Empedocle
Torre Carlo V.Elena La Spina THE TOWER OF CHARLES V

🔊 Listen The Tower of Charles V was built in 1554. The imposing structure, with a tapered shape, is overlooked by the so-called “terrace of the gun ports”. The size of the fortification gives, still today, an idea of the importance held by th…

Porto Empedocle
Didascalia test per foto How to reach it
Porto Empedocle
Spaghetti al nero di seppia- Elena la Spina Where to eat near Porto Empedocle

WHERE TO EAT NEAR PORTO EMPEDOCLE   AGRITOURISM REGGIA SARACENA Old farmhouse completely renovated in Mediterranean style, in which you can stay and enjoy typical Sicilian cuisine. Contrada Borsellino, SS 118 KM 139V – Agrigento Phone: +39 092 2…

Porto Empedocle
Didascalia test per foto PORTO EMPEDOCLE

🔊 Listen Porto Empedocle is a small fishing town of about 17,000 people. Today, it is still living of trade and tourism thanks to its harbour and its natural beauties, first of all the wonderful beaches that form one of the most beautiful coa…

Porto Empedocle

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