Santuario di Castel Bilici.Elena La Spina Marianopoli

An immersion among the most beautiful pictures of Marianopoli

Sagra della ricotta marianopoli The Sagra of the ricotta and of the typical products

🔊 Listen The Sagra of the ricotta cheese and of the typical products is held in Marianopoli every year during the Christmas period, since its first edition in 1993. It is a special chance to taste the typical local products surrounded by a un…

Rupe di Marianopoli- Elena La Spina-2 Cultural – The Cliff of Marianopoli

🔊 Listen A Site of Community Importance (SCI), it covers a surface of approximately 841 hectares, between four towns and two provinces. This area has a limestone ridge (Monte Incauso and various portelle ), a mountainous section (Monti Mimian…

Santuario di Castel Bilici.Elena La Spina-2 THE SANCTUARY OF CASTEL BILICI

🔊 Listen The Sanctuary of the SS. Crocifisso di Belici is not far from Marianopoli, in the former feud of Castel Belici. In the small church, built in 1841, the followers worship a crucifix made by Frate Innocenzo da Petralia in the 17th Cent…

Chiesa di San Giuseppe- Elena La Spina-3 THE CHURCH OF SAN GIUSEPPE

🔊 Listen The construction of the Church of San Giuseppe dates back to 1892, thanks to the work of the Landolina di Rigilifi family and the generous help of the citizens during the construction of the railway tunnel of Marianopoli. On a projec…

Museo etnografico della Civilta Contadina-Elena La Spina-4 THE MUSEO ETNOGRAFICO DELLA CIVILTÀ CONTADINA

🔊 Listen The ethnographic museum of the farming civilisation is situated in Viale della Regione, hosted in the premises of the former primary school “Luigi Capuana”. The museum displays re-enactments of typical homesteads of the past, and hol…

Museo archeologico-Elena La Spina-10 The Archaeological Museum

🔊 Listen Located in Piazza Garibaldi and hosted in a two-storey building, the Marianopoli Archaeological Museum displays magnificent finds discovered between 1977 and 1984 at the archaeological sites of Castellazzo and Balate-Valle Oscura. Th…

agrigento-fiorita Contenuto marchi d’eccellenza

Soluptat ipidion sequatum et, sequam quuntumquo invento eaquunture rehendipit invendem et aut moditate sum enducia nissimaion nam nonse netusci enimi, tempe nusda velibus vent aut as milibus solum idemolo rectatur? Nem et ut aciunt quid utendis molle…

Didascalia test per foto How to reach it
Le mbriulate.Elena La Spina-2 Where to eat near Marianopoli

WHERE TO EAT NEAR MARIANOPOLI   AGRITOURISM UN POSTO TRANQUILLO Restaurant that combines haute cuisine with social commitment, employing young people with disabilities and women in distress. As suppliers, organic producers and companies no-lace….

Didascalia test per foto MARIANOPOLI

🔊 Listen A planned community on the north-western side of the province of Caltanissetta, the town takes its name from the man who wanted its birth in 1726, the feudatory Mariano Della Scala. The territory tells a very ancient human history, w…


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