valle del Platani-Elena La Spina Cianciana

An immersion among the most beautiful pictures of Cianciana


🔊 Listen The carne murata is a stew of meat, vegetables, potatoes, tomatoes and onions. It is a very popular “poor” dish of the Sicilian cuisine. With few and simple ingredients, here’s a rather rich and very tasty dish.  

Maccalube di Bissana- Piero Frisco-10 THE MACCALUBE OF BISSANA

🔊 Listen Driving for about 6 km along the provincial road that, from Cattolica Eraclea leads to Cianciana, we reach, after a crossroad, Contrada  Bissana, where we can enjoy the original show of the Maccalube. The name Maccalube probably deri…

Foce del Platani- Piero Frisco THE PLATANI RIVER VALLEY

🔊 Listen The Cianciana territory offers hospitality to the Platani River, known in the past as Halykos because of its salty waters. The river represents the southern border of the city territory. In remote times, the ancient populations used…

Demanio Monte Cavallo-foto Esplora siciclia-2 FOREST AND GROTTOS OF MONTE CAVALLO

🔊 Listen The forest, planted in the ’60s, has significantly extended in the last decades, until covering the current surface of approximately 800 hectares, and has three entrances: from the crushing plant; from the “li panni” bridge; and from…

Necropoli Millaga-Alessandro Croce THE MILLAGA NECROPOLIS

🔊 Listen Next to Cianciana, in the southern part of the Bivona territory, we find the Contrada Millaga, a former feud, whose name seems to derive from the Arabic millaca (ملاﺣـة‎, mallāḥa), “salty spring”. The name, related to salt, probably…

Cozzo-del-turco-foto Fra M.-2 COZZO DEL TURCO

🔊 Listen A few kilometres from the town centre, in the district bearing the same name, it is possible to visit the archaeological site of Cozzo del Turco. The discovered remains allow saying that the settlement started in the Roman period, fr…

Monumento allo Zolfataro.Elena La Spina rev THE VILLA COMUNALE – MONUMENTO ALLO ZOLFATARO

🔊 Listen The Villa Comunale has been refurbished in 2009. Besides being a green space for pleasant strolls, the villa contains a piece of Cianciana’s history: the small Eiffel Tower, made by the miners, and the monument to the sulphur miner b…

Museo archeologico cianciana1 THE ARCHAEOLOGICAL MUSEUM

🔊 Listen The Archaeological Museum of Sicani Mountains is located in the former convent of the Franciscan Minor Friars, located in Largo Convent No. 1. Since 2009 a German team of the University of Gottingen has surveyed the various archaeolo…

Museo civico- foto Fra M. THE CIVIC MUSEUM

🔊 Listen The Civic Museum opened in 2008, in Via Carducci n° 1, and exhibits materials and artefacts of the civilisation of farmers, shepherds, craftsmen, miners and literates.      

Torre dellOrologio-Elena La Spina-4 THE CLOCK TOWER

🔊 Listen From the roofs of this delightful village sticks out the Torre dell’Orologio , a benchmark of Cianciana placed in the middle of the city life, night and day. The Tower was built by the City in 1908, and the works were entrusted to Gi…

Chiesa Madre-Elena La Spina THE CHIESA MADRE

🔊 Listen Located in the central Corso Vittorio Emanuele, the Mother Church Santissima Trinità was built by the will of the baron Girolamo Ficarra in 1640, and completed by the Joppolo family. Originally, the building had one nave, and it was…


🔊 Listen In a rather recent past, the Grotticelli and Falconera mines were the richest sulphur mines of Cianciana that, like other towns of the Mining District, based a good part of its economy on this mining wealth. These mines, abandoned ab…

Didascalia test per foto How to reach it
Spaghetti al nero di seppia- Elena la Spina Where to eat near Cianciana

WHERE TO EAT NEAR CIANCIANA   AGRITOURISM REGGIA SARACENA Old farmhouse completely renovated in Mediterranean style, in which you can stay and enjoy typical Sicilian cuisine. Contrada Borsellino, SS 118 KM 139V – Agrigento Phone: +39 092 2418283…

Didascalia test per foto CIANCIANA

🔊 Listen Surrounded by the Monti Sicani range and shrouded in the green valley of the Platani River, the town of Cianciana has about 3,500 inhabitants, and, with its mining quarries, has been one of the greatest producers of sulphur in Italy….


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