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Almost suspended between the earth and the sky, along State Highway 115, just past Agri-gento in the Sciacca direction, a village lies on the hill like a Nativity scene: this is Siculiana. The big dome of the 17th Century’s sanctuary overlooks the landscape. In front of it, there is the cliff of the Chiaramontano castle, by now overturned. Built in the 14th Century on the ru-ins of the Arab stronghold of Kalat Sugul, it was the venue of the second wedding of Costanza Chiaramonte with Branca Doria of Genoa, whom Dante puts in hell. The hill unfolds lazy between the white spring flowers of the almond trees and the perennial green of the olive trees, while, like in a frame, the clear African sea skims shores of fine sand and rugged geometries of picturesque cliffs, lashing in its perennial motion the local seafaring tradition. In the village streets, at times wavy and twisted like Arabic alleys with dead-end courtyards, and at times wide and modern, life goes on slowly, marked by the bells of the clock tower. After surviving, here and there, the force of nature, the stones whisper, marked by ethereal vestiges like the Sican niches that look like hollows in the cliff. The echoes of an ancient tradition are in the air, and every corner is ready to narrate the charm of historical and legendary events. The official date of Siculiana’s foundation dates back to 1310, under the barony of Federico II Chiara-monte. Some historians (Cluverio, Santi Cor-renti, etc.) connect the site to the mythical Camico of the Sicans, on whose rock the famous architect Daedalus built a palace for the Sican King, Cocalo. The palace was the theatre of  Minos’s incredible death, after he came from his far away kingdom on the tracks of the fleeing Daedalus.


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