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Riserva Naurale integrale Monte Conca- Ivano Mistretta-4

Next to the Agrigento province, in the western karstic area of Caltanissetta’s territory, we find Monte Conca, a limestone mountain characterised by the presences of grottoes and caves.
The Monte Conca Integral Natural Reserve was established in 1995 by the Sicilian Regional Government in order to protect a 245-hectare territory. The mountain is formed by Selenite gypsum of the Messinian, evaporites formed in the Mediterranean basin about six-seven million years ago that, according to some studies, got almost completely dry due to the interruption of its connection to the Atlantic Ocean. If the exploration of the underground system of Monte Conca, just south of Campofranco, is reserved for experts and scholars only, the natural site is worth a visit, with the appropriate speleologist and climbing equipment, for its great natural beauty and the presence of many wild orchids.


Reserve office: Via Pietro Nenni 4, 93010 Milena (CL); Adjacent to the municipality of Milena, neighboring highway PA-AG

For visits: the outside and the trails can be always visited autonomously. For visits to the caves you can address to the CAI: Nature Reserves Regional Office Via Roma, 443 - 90139 Palermo Phone: 091.322689 - Fax: 091.6092589 - Director Vincenzo Biancone: Phone. Mob .: 3358089759




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