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Situated on a gentle hill facing the sea, Realmonte is a town of just over 4,600 people. The town owes its name, from the Latin Mons Realis, to the noble Giovanni Monreale who, in 1650, purchased from the baron of Siculiana, Don Giovanni Platamone the feud of Mendola and, in 1680, obtained the licence to populate it. The place was fertile and flat, and the people lived mainly on agriculture. So, after about a century since its foundation, the town population had already grown and counted over 1,500 inhabitants. For a long time, the town’s economy has been mainly based on agriculture, but, in recent years, the main resource of the territory has become tourism, especially thanks to its vicinity with one of the most beautiful coastlines of Sicily, which includes the white sand beach of Capo Rossello and the suggestive Scala dei Turchi. It is mainly the variety of colours that offers a unique show, thanks to the contrast between the intense blue of sea and sky, and the blinding white of the marl of Scala dei Turchi, which, moving from the east to the west turns into different hues of grey-blue and reddish according to the changing of the rocks. But Realmonte offers also different cultural attractions such as the Mother Church consecrated to San Domenico, the Monterosso Tower and the Roman Villa of the Durrueli, dating back to the 1st Century A.D. Basically, Realmonte is a place with strong flavours, but for all tastes!


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