In Spring

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Visiting the Mining District in spring means plunging into Easter’s religious traditions, one above all, the Holy Week in Caltanissetta. Another surprising feast is the “Sagra del Tataratà”  in Casteltermini (the fourth Sunday of May), with its simulated fights on every corner of the village streets. Or the Sanpauluna procession in San Cataldo, with its sacred giants. The Sagra del Mandorlo in Agrigento, in February, has a more “profane” dimension; however, it is an appointment not to be missed if you’re in the area in February. The staircase of San Giuseppe di Riesi and the extraordinary Tavulata di vicchiareddi  in Milena make of 19 March a special day. At naturalistic level, spring is ideal to visit the Oriented Natural Reserve “Monte Capodarso e Valle dell’Imera meridionale”, while in the Macalube Reserve wild orchids bloom, offering an unprecedented natural show.


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