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Nature and Activities

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Fill the eyes, the lungs and the mind: this is the purpose of those who want to discover the nature and culture of the Mining District. From the spectacular white cliffs on the sea of Scala dei Turchi (in Realmonte), Torre Salsa (Siculiana), Eraclea Minoa, to the LIPU  Oasis - "Laghetto Gorgo" in Montallegro, for those who love a full immersion in nature; from the incredible Maccalube  of cold mud in Aragona, to the absolute uniqueness of Monte San Paolino, a lookout over the whole of Sicily, surrounded by Sutera; from the naturalistic pathways of Gabbara to San Cataldo, until reaching the gullies of the Rupe di Marianopoli, and again, from the Oriented Natural Reserve “Monte Capodarso e Valle dell’Imera meridionale” to Caltanissetta, the whole District is a sequence of natural oasis, protected areas and landscapes that will make the visitor come back again and again.
And if you want to alternate nature and culture, the well-rooted traditions and the innovative ones, Starting from the Patron Saint’s Feast of the SS. Crocifisso on 3 May "Festa del tri di maiu" in Siculiana, to Realmonte, with the famous San Calogero’s Feast (first half of August); or to Cattolica Eraclea, with the Saint Joseph’s Feast (Festa di san Giuseppe) on 19 March, and Casteltermini, with the spectacular strife of the Sagra del Tataratà (on the 4th Sunday of May). In this array of popular traditions, you can’t miss the Sagra del Mandorlo in Fiore  and the International Folk Festival in Agrigento (12 February – 13 March 2016); or in Sommatino, Lu tuppi tuppi, an onomatopoeic piece on the flight of the Holy Family, or La tavulata di San Giusé in Serradifalco; and in San Cataldo, I giganteschi Sanpauluna; to reach the world famous Holy Week of Caltanissetta. Eventually, replete as never before, you will have the feeling that landscape and language will have a new place deep within your soul.


  • Nature and Activities

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