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Mussomeli, a town of 11,534 inhabitants, is located 58 km from Caltanissetta and 53 km from Agrigento. We will soon find out that the town is busy making wheat, oil, wine, figs and prickly pears, as well as breeding cattle and sheep, with the ensuing milk and cheese industry. Its name comes from the Arabic words Manzil, namely "dwelling, abode", and Mel, which means "good". It has been a territory of the Normans, and later of the Suevians and Angevines. During those dominations, it was the theatre of a precise city and architectural development that gained it the name of "Presepe d'Europa" . The current old town owes its birth, in the 14th Century, to the prince Manfredi III Chiaramonte, who founded it with the name of Manfreda. The town took its current name only in the 15th Century. Under the ruling of the Lanza, from 1549 to 1812, it became a separate municipality only in a second time. The territory, especially in Montagna Raffe, is rich with artefacts and archaeological finds that recount its very ancient history. The Romans chose it for its central position in the exchanges between western and eastern Sicily, while the Castle Manfredonico Chiaramontano, built in a Gothic-Norman style on a previous Arab defensive structure, rises on a 778-metre high cliff called "Il nido D'Aquila”.


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