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Settimana Santa-2

Deeply rooted in the hearts of the citizens, the tradition of Delia’s Holy Week rites seems to escape the implacable, corrosive power of time that constantly drags into oblivion our precious folklore heritage. In Delia, the extreme events of Christ’s life are re-enacted by the theatrical representations of the texts of “Il Riscatto di Adamo” by Filippo Orioles, dated 1720, modified and extended in 1800 by Delia citizen Calogero Ferrara and performed every year by local amateur actors who are firmly tied to this tradition. The most suggestive day is Holy Friday: in the morning, there is a procession with the urn, while in the afternoon, the “Cadute” are performed long the town’s major streets until reaching the small Chiesa del Calvario before which, the “Crucifixion” and the “Deposition” are represented; at night, there is the night procession of the urn with the Dead Christ, which is brought to the Mother Church, accompanied by the “Lamentatori” who sing excruciating chants.



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