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Teatro Regina Margherita.Elena La Spina-4

The Parco Letterario offers various itineraries starting from Racalmuto, the writer’s hometown, and moving to Caltanissetta, where he spent his youth and had experiences fundamental for its literary education. Our itinerary starts from the church of S. Maria del Monte, a staircase of which Sciascia describes the legendary feast of “Pampilonia”, which is the feast of the Madonna del Monte. Here, we can see the writer’s family home and the house of his aunts, both next to the sanctuary’s staircase. At the foot of the church’s staircase, there is a club very dear to Sciascia, the Circolo dei Zolfatai e Salinai . The young Leonardo grew in this neighbourhood, frequenting the nearby Civic Theatre Regina Margherita that, on Saturdays and Sundays, screened movies. Another important place of Sciascia’s itinerary is the classroom, where our writer taught. Along Corso Garibaldi, we find a full-size bronze statue of Sciascia, representing the writer while he walks. Another important stop of the tour is the Parco Eugenio Napoleone Messana, which hosts the Amphitheatre dedicated to the author. But the piece-de- resistance of this itinerary is the Fondazione Leonardo Sciascia, an institution that boasts a 5,000 volume library and an interesting art gallery that collects over 200 portraits of writers. Continuing along State Highway S.S. 640, we reach Caltanissetta, where we can visit the places usually frequented by Sciascia. Driving towards Piazza Garibaldi and later, along Corso Vittorio Emanuele, we see the church of Santa Croce with the adjoining monastery, where the writer attended the Institute IX Maggio, which now has been used as the Caltanissetta control centre (presidio nisseno) for the Parco Regalpetra. Finally, we remind you that Sciascia is buried in the cemetery of Racalmuto; his tomb has no photo, ornaments, decorations or reference to the Christian faith. It is a simple marble tombstone with engraved the following epigraphy: “We will remember this planet”. These words were chosen by Sciascia himself for his tomb.


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