In Winter

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Winter means also Christmas, and Christmas in this territory is accompanied by strong religious feelings. But these feelings are underlined and emphasised by a tradition and a knowledge that can also be savoured, because cooking is first of all a moment of tradition offered to the guests. Some typical Christmas sweets are the almond and honey virciddati from Sutera, for which the City Council has established local guidelines, the "Sutera Città Presepe De.Co." that, right from its name, refers again to Christmas. But also the Buccellati from Mussomeli are absolutely typical of this period. For Santa Lucia, on 13 December, the Sagra della Cuccia in Montedoro is a festival of colours and flavours, where wheat meets cooked wine, like in the best tradition dedicated to the Saint. Going back to the season, the LIPU Boschetto Montallegro offers accommodation in winter for thousands of migrating birds, bound for the southern countries: do you really want to miss this show of nature?


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