The district

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There’s a world, in the deep heart of Sicily, easy to conquer. It is a world of mining stories, rural landscapes, protected areas, villages and ancient, very ancient cities, geological phenomena and down to the sea coast that sparks in the eyes. You just have to reach it, the Mining District. Just take one of its routes and stop along the many legs to catch a sense of deep and rooted belonging. It is the belonging to a history of the land that is not only surface, orography, the furrow of the plough and wheat to reap. It is the certainty that the mine, the digging of the soil and its components – sulphur, salt – mark the man like few things do in the world. Many words have been told and written about the mines and the miners: from Pirandello’s “Ciàula scopre la Luna”  to Sciascia’s “Le parrocchie di Regalpetra”  and Carlo Levi’s “Le parole sono pietre” , they tell of sacrifices, of wearying, inhuman works, of tragedies and obscure life conditions. Nevertheless, the recount of this long, but also recent history, in some cases still active, is full of pride rather than heaviness, and fills the eyes and the mouths of its narrators, the books of writers, the movies of directors, and the works of artists. It becomes a museum, a protected area, a narrative path; it becomes a subject and a memory for the new generations. It becomes the common thread that intertwines and holds together the history of this territory and decides to show it even in the name of the Tourist District. From Villarosa, in the province of Enna, through the beautiful Caltanissetta and all the towns of its territory, down to the area of Agrigento that, besides the Temples, has also a vast countryside and a long coastline, the District knows how to tell this history, which becomes the layout of religious, popular, agricultural and food traditions, of landscapes, archaeological areas and interesting monuments. The mines, with their tunnels and winzes, with their tracks and trolleys, are still the veins of the District, the bearers of this lymph that tells its activity, prevailing in the past 150 years. But around it, the living body is still ready to surprise us, welcome us and bewitch us.

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