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Giardino Kolymbethra- Saja canali

In the heart of the Valley of the Temples, between the temple of Castor and Pollux, we meet a large green area known as “the Garden of the Kolymbetra”. Returned to its ancient splendour after years of neglect, this 5-hectare garden was opened in 1999 and offers a remarkable variety of flora and landscapes. The Kolymbetra represents the most illustrious example of Sicilian arboriculture, namely citrus cultivation. There are also typical species of Mediterranean shrubs, like the myrtle, the lentisk, the terebinth, the euphorbia, and the broom. An ideal place to leave the crowd of tourists and take a pleasant break surrounded by nature and intoxicated by the scent of lemons and oranges. The valley was originally an artificial lake used as a water reserve and that, through 17 km of underground ducts (Kolymbetra), supplied water to the city. A French archaeologist discovered it in the 18th Century.


The Garden is open to the public at the following times:
from 10 am to 5 pm, in March and October
from 10 am to 6 pm, in April and May
from 10 to 7 pm from June to September
from 10 to 2 pm in February and November
FAI members: free admission
Adults: € 4
Children (4-14 years): € 2
University students up to 26 years: € 3
National Trust members, handicapped with a companion: free admission
Family package: € 11
It allows entry with reduced rates for households of 2 adults and 2 children (4-14 years). From the third child, each entry is free. We organize guided tours for groups and special tours by appointment.
Guided tour: € 40 (for groups up to 50 pax)
Visit in foreign language (French, German, Spanish): € 45
We also welcome school groups: for all information view the website
Phone: 0922 554632; 335 1229042



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