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Some like it raw, some like it cooked; some like it sweet and some like it salty: the wine & food offer of the Mining District is varied like its territory, its towns, its villages and its dialects. We could start from the spaghetti in a squid ink sauce or the stuffed squid of Porto Empedocle and later, in line with the sea-mountain excursion tradition, move inland, meeting the “fogliamari”, ancient and experienced countryside figures who collect anything that the land offers for free, like the wild asparagus or fennel in Montallegro. And if the herbs from paddocks and woods are not enough, the people of this land knows how to assemble in secret recipes, dishes that we will never forget, like the carne murata  in Cattolica Eraclea, the Busiati  in a pig meat ragout in Ravanusa, the 'mpanati  with spinach in Butera (and if there is a sausage or potatoes, we reach the sublime), and again, the ‘mbriulate  in Campofranco, with olives and onions. But the best comes with the sweets: the Cubaita, the nougat with almond, honey and pistachio of Agrigento, competes against the honey and almond virciddati  from Sutera, the Cuccia di Montedoro, a typical sweet made of corn and cooked wine; and again, the Buccellati  of Milena, to finish with the mythical cannolo of ancient origins, or the nougat and the rollò  of Caltanissetta. In conclusion, we will not be welcomed in the District by a plain replete with food and wine, but by a lively experience of cultures and flavours.


  • Wine & Food

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