Cattolica Eraclea
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Cattolica Eraclea is a town of about 4,000 people, very interesting from a tourist and cultural point of view. Its origins date back to the Mycenaean period, when it was built by the Cretans around the 2nd millennium B.C.. On the same territory, from remote times, various cities and important civilisations have come and gone. Archaeological finds discovered in the various locations, prove the presence of ancient cities, including Makara, Ankrina, Crasto, Heraclea, Platani, Monforte, until reaching the 17th Century of the current Cattolica. On 24 May 1610, "La Cattolica" was officially born, following the approval of the Licentia Populandi, granted to Blasco Isfar et Corillas by the Viceroy, the Duke of Escalona. Besides its seaside resort (Eraclea Minoa) with its beautiful beach, Cattolica Eraclea is renowned for its suggestive old town, rich with churches, like the wonderful Chiesa Madre dello Spirito Santo; for the Oriented Natural Reserve “Foce del fiume Platani”, and for the archaeological site. We recommend visiting this small town during the Holy Week, one of the most ancient and suggestive traditions, not only of Cattolica Eraclea but of the entire Sicily.


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