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Art and Archaeology

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Agrigento, but that’s not it. It is “the most beautiful of the mortal cities” that first tells us a story that has been lasting 2500 years, since its foundation. But the rest of the District territory knows how to be a protagonist, with its widespread and deep fabric of intriguing places and architectures. From north to south; from the Kolymbethra Garden to the Greek architectures of the Valley of the Temples; from the 45,000 ancient volumes of the Biblioteca Lucchesiana in Agrigento to the contemporary art of the revamped Favara (Farm Cultural Park); from the Villa Romana in Realmonte to the archaeological area in Eraclea Minoa or the necropolis of Vassallaggi in San Cataldo; from the churches scattered all over the region to the Archaeological Area of Gibil Gabib; from the archaeological museums of Caltanissetta, Marianopoli, Milena, Agrigento, Ravanusa and Casteltermini to the Ethnographic Museums of Marianopoli and Sommatino, the District wants to tell its story under many aspects, with the variety and wealth that makes it stand out. Churches, civil buildings and aristocratic palaces, industrial and mining facilities now used as places of culture, renowned and unknown archaeological areas, in suggestive locations like Sabucina, in the Salso valley, or Eraclea Minoa, overlooking the sea, are all resources that the vast area of the District keeps with pride and care, acknowledging that every piece of cultural heritage has a role of testimony of civilizations, but also of a solid bridge towards the future. And you won’t meet only operators, guardians and managers of historical sites and buildings, there to protect and recount them, but also a large local community always ready to tell an anecdote, give a suggestion or some amazing tip. This wealth is not made of stones only, but of memories and a drive towards the future.


  • Art and Archaeology

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