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Agrigento was founded in 581 B.C. by Greek settlers coming from Gela and original from Crete and Rhodes, and became in a few years one of the most important cities of the Magna Graecia. Ruled for a long time by tyrants, it reached its maximum splendour under the ruthless Theron. But the city that the poet Pindar defined as the “most beautiful of the mortal cities” fell in 406 B.C. under the assaults of the Carthaginians. Since then, the city suffered various dominations, but it never regained the splendour of the past. Agrigento is mostly known for its splendid Valley of the Temples, a majestic testimony of the ancient Magna Graecia that combines the fascination of the architectural remains with the beauty of the countryside, replete with blossoming almond trees. But the city boasts many other beauties and artistic testimonies, including churches, convents and museums. When you arrive in the city, at first you might be a little lost before the wall of buildings that you meet, but this array of buildings conceals an ancient hamlet where, walking along the narrow streets, you can find beautiful churches and suggestive small squares. Agrigento is also the city of the great Luigi Pirandello, and right in the middle of the old town, you can see the writer’s house, as well as the Theatre and the Library bearing his name. The city of Agrigento, besides being the custodian of extraordinary archaeological and architectural beauties, is just a few kilometres away from the Mediterranean Sea coastline, which offers some of the most beautiful beaches of Sicily. Finally, we remind you that, like in the whole of Southern Italy, a portion of Agrigento’s wealth is represented by the delicious local products and food.



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