Museo della civilta contadina-3 THE MUSEUM OF THE FARMING CIVILISATION

🔊 Listen The Ethno-Anthropological Museum of the Farming Civilisation (Museo etnoantropologico della Civiltà Contadina) was established in 1991 and is managed by the Istituto Comprensivo Ezio Contino. The Museum is divided into three sections…

Museo archeologico Petix- Elena La Spina-10 THE PETIX ARCHAEOLOGICAL MUSEUM

🔊 Listen The Archaeological Museum dedicated to Arturo Petix, a local scholar and archaeologist, has on display innumerable finds discovered in the territory of Milena that allow the visitor to revisit over 7,000 years of history of the terri…

Casa Museo della Civilta Contadina.Elena La Spina-4 THE CASA MUSEO DELLA CIVILTÀ CONTADINA

🔊 Listen In Robba Ranni, in the Villaggio Masaniello, there is the “Casa Museo della Civiltà Contadina”  hosted inside a precious example of an ancient dwelling (dammusu) that opens on an irregular courtyard (bàgliu). The Casa Museo holds the…

Museo etnografico della Civilta Contadina-Elena La Spina-4 THE MUSEO ETNOGRAFICO DELLA CIVILTÀ CONTADINA

🔊 Listen The ethnographic museum of the farming civilisation is situated in Viale della Regione, hosted in the premises of the former primary school “Luigi Capuana”. The museum displays re-enactments of typical homesteads of the past, and hol…

Museo archeologico-Elena La Spina-10 The Archaeological Museum

🔊 Listen Located in Piazza Garibaldi and hosted in a two-storey building, the Marianopoli Archaeological Museum displays magnificent finds discovered between 1977 and 1984 at the archaeological sites of Castellazzo and Balate-Valle Oscura. Th…

Farm Cultural Park- Elena La Spina-8 THE FARM CULTURAL PARK

🔊 Listen The Farm Cultural Park is one of the most important cultural and tourist centres of Sicily. The venue is the Cortile Bentivegna, a space formed by seven small courtyards that host small buildings of Arab origin. It is a project of re…

Museo archeologico cianciana1 THE ARCHAEOLOGICAL MUSEUM

🔊 Listen The Archaeological Museum of Sicani Mountains is located in the former convent of the Franciscan Minor Friars, located in Largo Convent No. 1. Since 2009 a German team of the University of Gottingen has surveyed the various archaeolo…

Museo della Memoria e del Territorio.Elena La Spina THE “MUSEO DELLA MEMORIA E DEL TERRITORIO”

🔊 Listen The Museum of Memory and of the Territory of Siculiana is a space where individual and collec-tive memories of the local territory mix. The constant research for finds and the citizens’ do-nations make this young museum, which is a n…

Museo civico- foto Fra M. THE CIVIC MUSEUM

🔊 Listen The Civic Museum opened in 2008, in Via Carducci n° 1, and exhibits materials and artefacts of the civilisation of farmers, shepherds, craftsmen, miners and literates.      

Treno Museo.Elena La Spina-5 THE TRAIN MUSEUM

🔊 Listen The Villarosa station, destined to be closed, has been revamped thanks to the genial intuition of the station master, Primo David, who turned it into a characteristic Museum of the Mining Craft and of the Farming Civilisation in Sici…

Museo Archeologico -etnografico-Elena La Spina-3 ETNOGRAPHIC MUSEUM

🔊 Listen A stone’s throw from the city centre, we can visit the Museo Etno-antropologico dei Materiali della Civiltà Contadina e dei Mestieri . Recently opened (2011), thanks to the contribution of A.A.C. and Pro Loco, for the protection and…

Museo Minerario.Elena La Spina-2 THE MINING MUSEUM

🔊 Listen The Sommatino Museo Comunale di Storia Naturale ed Arte Mineraria opened in 2001. Divided into two sections, the Geological – paleontological section and the mining section, is awaiting the opening of further rooms. The first section…

Museo Etnoantropologico.Elena La Spina-4 THE ETHNO-ANTHROPOLOGICAL MUSEUM

🔊 Listen Palazzo Cigno-Costantino hosts the Ethnographic Museum called “Invito alla Storia” , which means to reconstruct and narrate a history tied to an intense agricultural activity and to the Trabia Tallarita Mine. In the inner part, dug i…

Museo di storia locale.Elena La Spina MUSEUM OF LOCAL HISTORY

🔊 Listen The Campofranco Museum of Local History was opened on 28 June 2002 by the bishop of the Caltanissetta diocese, Mons. Alfredo Maria Garsìa. It consists of a large hall that provides access to the Church of the Itria, the first in Camp…

Trabia Tallarita-Ivano Mistretta-3 TRABIA TALLARITA – THE MUSEUM

🔊 Listen It is the largest sulphur mine of the Caltanissetta territory, and today, it represents also one of the most fascinating examples of industrial archaeology of the island. The mine dates back to 1730, when the Solfara Grande was opene…

Museo Archeologico S. Lauricella- Elena La Spina-7 THE “SALVATORE LAURICELLA” ARCHAEOLOGICAL MUSEUM

🔊 Listen In Corso della Repubblica, a stone’s throw from the Sanctuary of Maria SS Assunta, you can visit Ravanusa’s Archaeological Museum that collects important finds coming from the site of Monte Saraceno. The museum is dedicated to Salvat…

Sala III-Museo Diocesano MUSEO DIOCESANO

🔊 Listen The stories of compassion and devotion of the eighteen towns that form the dioceses of Caltanissetta,  a testimony of the most mysterious and solitary heart of Sicily, that inland rich with faith and hope, notwithstanding the toils t…


🔊 Listen Notwithstanding its clear incompleteness, Palazzo Moncada shows, with its solemn and majestic façade on Via Giacomo Matteotti, all the nobility of those who built it in the heart of Caltanissetta. The foundation stone was laid in 165…


🔊 Listen The small church dedicated to the Holy Ghost and located a few kilometres from the city, dates back to the Arab-Norman period. Built in the 10th Century as an Arab stronghold formed by a farmstead, a corner tower and a big wheat barn…

Museo mineralogico e della zolfara- foto fornite da G.Garro-2 MUSEO MINERALOGICO, PALEONTOLOGICO E DELLA ZOLFARA SEBASTIANO MOTTURA

🔊 Listen A new structure, recently opened, currently hosts, in Viale della Ragione, the Mineralogical, Paleontological Museum of the Zolfara Sebastiano Mottura, best known as Museo mineralogico di Caltanissetta, that was previously located in…

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