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Chiesa Madre di San Leonardo- Elena La Spina-3 THE CHIESA MADRE OF SAN LEONARDO

🔊 Listen If you go to Montallegro, you must visit the Church of San Leonardo, the town patron. It is a church built around mid-1700 with a rather simple geometric shape, but very dear to the citizens of Montallegro.   Via Ferraro, 10, Mo…

Le robbe di Milena.Elena La Spina THE ROBBE OF MILENA

🔊 Listen Milena is a truly peculiar place, thanks to its town plan structure that has no “central point”, a characteristic that is typical of the nearby towns and villages, mainly known for the “robbe” (about sixty), small hamlets, grouped or…

Santuario di Castel Bilici.Elena La Spina-2 THE SANCTUARY OF CASTEL BILICI

🔊 Listen The Sanctuary of the SS. Crocifisso di Belici is not far from Marianopoli, in the former feud of Castel Belici. In the small church, built in 1841, the followers worship a crucifix made by Frate Innocenzo da Petralia in the 17th Cent…

Chiesa di San Giuseppe- Elena La Spina-3 THE CHURCH OF SAN GIUSEPPE

🔊 Listen The construction of the Church of San Giuseppe dates back to 1892, thanks to the work of the Landolina di Rigilifi family and the generous help of the citizens during the construction of the railway tunnel of Marianopoli. On a projec…

Castello di Chiaramonte .Elena La Spina-4 THE CHIARAMONTE CASTLE

🔊 Listen The Palazzo, as it is commonly called, was built by Fredrick II of the noble Chiaramonte family, and recalls the typology of the “palacia” built by King Fredrick II of Swabia in Sicily and in Apulia half a century before. His use, ma…

Chiesa Madre Vergine Assunta- Elena La Spina-2 THE CHIESA MADRE VERGINE ASSUNTA

🔊 Listen The monumental Mother Church, dedicated to the Madonna Assunta, is the city cathedral and represents the most important place of worship in Favara. Built between 1892 and 1898, it has a white stone façade decorated with mosaics made…

Piazza Cavour e i palazzi- Elena La Spina-2 PIAZZA CAVOUR AND THE PALACES

🔊 Listen Piazza Cavour is the town’s main square. On its eastern side, there is the Monument ai Caduti della Prima guerra mondiale , officially installed on 23 April 1922. It is a beautiful stone obelisk that stands out on a stone slab and be…

Catacombe-Elena La Spina-2 ST. ANTHONY CHURCH – CATACOMBS

🔊 Listen Once in the old quarter known as “degli Ebrei” we can find the Church of Sant’Antonio Abate, rebuilt between 1740 and 1743 by John Garallo to replace the previous unsafe building.  In the past, during the Saint Anthony day – the Patr…


🔊 Listen In Delia, the church of Santa Maria dell’Itria, whose cult is the most ancient and popular in Sicily, owes its peculiar Byzantine name, “Odigitria”, which means “guide, leader”, to the Madonna worshipped in Constantinople since the 5…


🔊 Listen In 1601, the Carmelites built on the Monserrato hill, next to their monastery, the Church of the Madonna del Carmelo; they had chosen a secluded place to live like hermits between carob and pistachio shrubs, prickly pear plants and a…

Chiesa Madre-Elena La Spina-4 THE CHIESA MADRE

🔊 Listen Dedicated to Santa Maria di Loreto, the Mother Church seems to be built on a previous 1300 church dedicated to San Nicola Vescovo di Myra. Probably, the town foundation at the end of 1500 totally cancelled the traces of the previous…

Monumento allo Zolfataro.Elena La Spina rev THE VILLA COMUNALE – MONUMENTO ALLO ZOLFATARO

🔊 Listen The Villa Comunale has been refurbished in 2009. Besides being a green space for pleasant strolls, the villa contains a piece of Cianciana’s history: the small Eiffel Tower, made by the miners, and the monument to the sulphur miner b…

Torre dellorologio-Elena La Spina THE CLOCK TOWER

🔊 Listen The clock tower, which today hosts the City Council, was built in the 17th Century thanks to the concession of the Baron Blasco Isfar, as the Church of the Madonna del Rosario; it was open until 1859, and then it was abandoned. On it…

Castello Chiaramonte-Elena La Spina-9 THE CASTLE OF SICULIANA

🔊 Listen The castle stands, imposing, on the north-eastern end of the town’s rocky cliff. It has been the centre of development of the oldest part of Siculiana. The original part of the building has a layout formed by two converging longitudi…

Il Santuario del Santissimo Crocifisso- Elena la Spina THE SANCTUARY OF THE SS.CROCIFISSO AND THE BAPTISTERY

🔊 Listen The church of the SS. Crocifisso is the Mother Church of the town and was built by the Carme-lites at the end of the 16th Century. Of Baroque epoch, the Mother Church stands on top of a large staircase; on the outside, it is characte…

Torre dellOrologio-Elena La Spina-4 THE CLOCK TOWER

🔊 Listen From the roofs of this delightful village sticks out the Torre dell’Orologio , a benchmark of Cianciana placed in the middle of the city life, night and day. The Tower was built by the City in 1908, and the works were entrusted to Gi…

Chiesa Madre-Elena La Spina THE CHIESA MADRE

🔊 Listen Located in the central Corso Vittorio Emanuele, the Mother Church Santissima Trinità was built by the will of the baron Girolamo Ficarra in 1640, and completed by the Joppolo family. Originally, the building had one nave, and it was…

Torre dellorologio - Elena la Spina-3 THE BELL TOWER

🔊 Listen The bell tower is situated in Piazza Umberto I. It was built in 1903 by Donato Mendola, an engineer from Agrigento. The lower part of the tower is surmounted  by Ionic capitals, while the upper part features Corinthian capitals and i…

Cattolica Eraclea
Chiesa Maria SS della Mercede- Elena la Spina-2 CHURCH MARIA SS. DELLA MERCEDE

🔊 Listen The church Maria SS. Della Mercede was founded in 1630 by the princess Giovanna Isfar et Corilles, concurrently with the adjoining convent of the Mercedari Fathers. The external façade is very linear and sober, with two lesenes marki…

Cattolica Eraclea
Chiesa Madre dello Spirito Santo- Elena la Spina CHIESA MADRE DELLO SPIRITO SANTO

🔊 Listen The Mother Church of the Holy Ghost was founded in 1745. The church has a Sicilian Baroque façade, with only one central gate, sided by two false gates and surmounted by a majestic bell tower. The interior, with one nave with two row…

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