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🔊 Listen The Parco Letterario offers various itineraries starting from Racalmuto, the writer’s hometown, and moving to Caltanissetta, where he spent his youth and had experiences fundamental for its literary education. Our itinerary starts fr…

Festa di Maria SS del Monte-3 THE FEAST OF MARIA SS. DEL MONTE

🔊 Listen The Madonna del Monte is the Queen and Co-patron of Racalmuto, and on the second Sunday of July of every year, she is enthusiastically celebrated by the town. The feast begins on the previous Friday, with the historical re-enactment…

Castello Chiaramontano- Elena La Spina-2 THE CHIARAMONTANO CASTLE

🔊 Listen The Castle of Racalmuto was built during the Norman domination by the baron Roberto Malcovenant. Located in the heart of Racalmuto’s old town, the castle has the shape of an irregular pentagon, with approximately 2-metre thick walls….

Fontana Novi Cannola- Elena La Spina-3 THE FOUNTAIN OF LI NOVI CANNOLA

🔊 Listen In Racalmuto, a town rich with water, there are many fountains; the most important are the “funtana di lu raffu” and the “funtana di li novi cannola”. The latter is located downstream from town, in the middle of the Square with the s…

Castelluccio-fonte Il Castelluccio Svevo di Racalmuto di Angelo Cutaia MONTE CASTELLUCCIO AND THE FORTRESS OF GIBLINA OR CASTELLUCCIO

🔊 Listen The castle is located about 7 km from Racalmuto, on the mount that takes its name. It is a structure built by the Saracens as a watchtower and turned into an actual fortress, called Castidduzzu, by the Chiaramonte. It is a powerful a…

Chiesa Madre Maria SS Annunziata- Elena La Spina-2 THE CHIESA MADRE MARIA SS. ANNUNZIATA

🔊 Listen In Racalmuto’s old town, there is the 1600’s Mother Church, once dedicated to Sant’Antonio Abate, and today dedicated to the Annunziata. Its name was changed into Chiesa di Maria SS. Annunziata around 1620, when the priest Santo Agrò…

Santuario di Maria SS del Monte- Elena La Spina-3 THE SANCTUARY OF MARIA SS.DEL MONTE

🔊 Listen The Sanctuary, dedicated to the Madonna del Monte, has always been the centre of Racalmuto religious devotion. The church rises on the highest hill of the ancient medieval town, and it was built in 1738 by the will of the priest Piet…

Miniera di Salgemma- Elena La Spina-3 THE ROCK SALT MINES

🔊 Listen Racalmuto is a town of significant geological interest for the presence of the rock salt mine. Apparently, this salt bed, together with those of Realmonte and Petralia, is the third in the world still active. This mine is formed by a…


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